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Yaaaay…Zole is about to share money?

Who said anything about money now? Zole points are tokens that users amass as they carry out their everyday financial transactions with Zole.

Tokens sound more like money to me?

We will see about that, but starting from this moment, you begin to earn cool points for everyday transactions that you carry out on the Zole app.

Hmm…just like that?

Yes, just like that.

How many points exactly and for what actions?

You get 5 points instantly when someone signs up with Zole using your referral code and 10 points for each successful Zole Dollar Virtual Card transaction. You earn 2 points each when you complete a Zole to Zole transfer, approve a fund request or when you purchase airtime for yourself or others on the Zole application.

Is there anything else?

Yes, you need to fund your Zole wallet with at least N500 to activate your referral code and apart from just points, you get N100 for the first two sign ups!

That’s great, so, what can I do with Zole points?

As you accumulate Zole points, you would be able to use them to perform various transactions on the Zole app.

You will be able to use your points to buy credit, pay for bank transfer fees and yes, like what you have been clamoring, you can actually convert your zole points to cash.

I knew it, so how many points do I need to convert my points to cash

You can convert your points to cash when you have at least 1000 points and multiples 1000 points.

Now the big questions. How many points do I need to cash out a hundred thousand?

10 Zole points make a naira so it will be 100,000 multiplied by 10 that’s a million points.

Wow, you said that so confidently, you aren’t scared that I will run?

No, we are sure you appreciate honesty. You see, the Zole Point system is a long-term reward programme. A little something to say thank you for using Zole.

I do, I really do. So where do I download Zole right away?

Log on to and you will find everything you need to know


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