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“How can you start a story with this title?”

What is wrong with that?

“If you dont want to gt people angry, quickly rephrase it.  ‘A world without transfer charges’ will be a better option.”

Well, I get you, but I am doing this deliberately. To investigate the annoyance of transfer charges, I have to explore that annoyance a little, don’t you think?

“Hmm, okay.”

Why do people get angry at the mention of transfer charges? Why? Isn’t it just a charge like the rest of them?

We don’t usually have a problem paying for goods that we purchase and services that we enjoy. What is different with the transfer charge? Is it the first name? If we find a synonym to replace “transfer”, would that solve it?

Maybe it is not about the first name. Is there something about the word charges that get people angry? If our everyday expenses suddenly become phrases like Fuel charges, electricity charges, cleaning charges, food charges etc., would it change anything?

“I don’t think so.”

Is it about the money? Quite unlikely. Transfer charges are just a tiny percentage of our monies: N10, N25, N50; why does it have so much annoying power?

Okay, if it’s the money, why do rich people get angry? Or you have not seen them? Nobody likes this thing.

It is definitely not about the expenses – people brag about expenses. They get a new bag, a new shoe, make a new hair – you can see the joy on their faces. This doesn’t happen when it’s a transfer charge.

Lastly, maybe it is a psychological thing. Maybe there is something about incurring an expense at the expense of another expense. Let me explain. When you want to send money to someone, that is an expense, and then when you have to pay transfer charges, it is another expense. Maybe it is not a good combination.

What do you think, you have been transferring money now, how do you feel? What is your story? Are you angry or indifferent?

Tell us in the comment section. Let’s get to the root of this.


“Is that how you want to end your story?”

Yes, now, isn’t it interesting?

“Is it interesting that we shall eat? You wrote this story because you have a solution to transfer charges; why don’t you want to say it?”

It will be like selling, and you know people don’t like selling.

“Okay, shebi you have already written the end. Anybody that is reading now is here of their own will. Just quickly add your solution now.”

That sounds like a good idea.

So as we still try to understand the thing with transfer charges, we introduced Zole, the digital wallet with multiple benefits to help you avoid it even more. Zole allows you unlimited transfers to anyone anywhere in Nigeria through their phone numbers for free.

“Wait, how does it work”

Simple, go to Play Store or Appstore, download Zole, register, fund your wallet and then you are free to transfer. In place of account numbers, you just have to type their phone number, and the money is with them in one second.

Can I send money to a friend on my contact list who has not downloaded Zole? Will my money not enter one chance?

Your friends and family don’t have to download Zole before you send them money via their account number. When this happens, they will get a text message of the alert, who sent them money, how much, and a link to download Zole to claim their fund immediately.

“Now that is how to end a blog”


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