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Our Values


We prioritize the human element in all interactions, recognizing that people are at the heart of every successful mission.


We are honest, transparent, and straightforward in everything that we do. We serve our customers in a way that is both fulfilling to the people we serve and to us.


We make sure things work. We are proactive about our customers needs and embrace change.

The Team


Babatunde is a Software Engineer with over 7 years of experience building applications at scale. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area. he’s fascinated by new tech developments and is always seeking to be a part of the next waves of innovation. In addition to Software Development, Babatunde has interests in Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence


Bolu is an experienced Product manager. He was most recently a Twitter employee, where he made an impact across the Engineering and Product orgs as a Software Engineer and a PM over the course of five years. Most notably, he worked on the Global Participation team which focused on Twitter’s expansion and engagement in Africa. Bolu is a Howard University alum, where he studied Computer Science.

His interests are around building financial products for emerging markets.


Toni is a corporate and digital innovation consultant with a background in business development, innovation management, entrepreneurship, and regulatory compliance. He has worked in the banking and telecommunications industries, and has previously launched e-commerce and last-mile logistics startups. Toni is passionate about leveraging emerging technologies to create sustainable, value-adding products, services and ventures.


Michael Vaughan

Co-founder & GP at Vera Equity and
Former COO of Venmo

Vance Roush

Founder at OverFlow

Mike Montano

Former Head of Engineering at Twitter