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Do more with your phone number

Send, receive and request money from family and friends anywhere in the world for free.
Make everyday transactions simpler, faster and more convenient.

Send money instantly to anyone with the Zole app.

From your phone number to anyone on your contact list, Zole lets you send and receive money from family and friends at absolutely zero cost. You can also make payments locally and internationally using our virtual debit cards.

No Account Numbers

Enjoy the peace of easy transfers from your phone number to another. It’s simpler, more convenient and more personal.

Close Circle Control

Zole saves you the frustration of wrong transfers by enabling you to only send money to those on your contact list.

No Transfer Charges

We know nobody likes to pay transfer charges and that’s why we offer you the opportunity to send money  to anyone using their phone numbers at no extra cost.

Request money from family and friends across the world.

Need some money? Request from family, friends and associates anywhere in the world through Zole.


A friendly and effective way to request financial assistance from those in your close circle when you need it most.

Adjust the Amount

You can adjust money requests sent to you and choose the amount you want to approve.

Spam Protect

To prevent misuse and abuse of this feature, every account has a limited number of requests that they can make per time.