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With a continuously expanding list of features to take on your everyday financial transactions efficiently and conveniently, Zole has added to its offering.

“We can now top up our phones, yes?”

Not just that, you can purchase airtime for yourself, family, friends and anyone really.

“Is there anything special?”

Yes, apart from the sheer speed of our app and user-friendly interface,  you get cool points every time you buy airtime for yourself or others.

“That sounds interesting, so how do I go about this on the Zole app?”

Sign in to your Zole app and tap the Spend button on your homepage.

You will find the Buy Airtime button right on top of the page, tap it and provide the necessary details for the purchase.

“Can I buy airtime from any network?”

Currently, airtime is available from MTN, GLO, Etisalat and Airtel.

“What is the range of value of airtime that I can purchase?”

You can buy airtime for as little as N50 and as much as N20,000

Zole airtime is an addition to the Zole bouquet of amazing features: Zole Loans, Zole Virtual Cards, Zole Wallets, Zole Free Transfers and there are many other features waiting in line.


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